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About Us

      Fraternal Order of Police Cambridge Lodge #27 consists of sworn and retired law enforcement officers within Dorchester County who dedicate their lives to protecting our families and communities.

      Anyone who is interested in becoming an Associate Member of the Cambridge FOP Lodge should contact the Lodge at cambridgefop@gmail.com
You may also contact the Lodge President, Thomas Hurley at (410) 330-8968 for further information.

      An Associate Member does not need to be a Law Enforcement Officer. Applicants must be at least 18 yrs of age, have not been convicted of a Felony or a Serious Crime and be of sound moral character. Most importantly, you must support local Law Enforcement Officers. Upon emailing the Cambridge FOP at cambridgefop@gmail.com you will be contacted and provided with an Associate Member Application. Annual dues are $25.00.

62nd Annual FOP National Convention

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